I Love to Emasculate Men!

I Love to Emasculate Men!


(17 Mins.)

Lexa Stahl is a beautiful physique athlete who has fallen in love with BJJ. Her love of grappling combined with her love of weight training has created a dangerous woman who can legit kick your ass. Lexa loves nothing more than dressing in her gi, therefore hiding the rock-hard muscle she’s built underneath, and submitting man after man in her jiu jitsu class. In UTCS-254, “I Love Emasculating Men,” Lexa takes on a dude who cut in front of her flexing in the gym mirror. When he tells her to “relax,” she initially takes the high road and starts to walk away. But he makes the critical error of chasing after her and grabbing her, and that’s the last straw. She hip tosses him to the ground and immediately traps him in an armbar. After threatening to break his arm, Lexa decides he really needs to be taught a lesson, by completely humiliating and emasculating him. She’s been working on her scissorhold skills and unleashes a severe wrestling beatdown he won’t soon forget. Combining grueling scissors with severe grappling chokes. Along with her wrestling onslaught, Lexa verbally abuses the poor gym “loser” with a barrage of insults. “I Love to Emasculate Men!” is 17 minutes in length. ┬áSee the clip and get Lexa’s direct contact information. Enjoy!




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