Elektra vs. John

Elektra vs. John


(31 Mins.)

Duration: 41 minutes

Former College Heptathlete, Elektra, tangles with John in the second match in our series “Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle!” Blonde, tan and incredibly powerful, Elektra weighs in at 5’9” and 170lbs. Elektra simply overwhelms John. Her long limbs encircle his body and head constantly. She looks so tall, and pretty, but check out the guide photos. Her thighs are 26” of solid massive muscle. When she straps them on you she starts to crush slowly. As she toys with you the pressure mounts to bone snapping level. Tapping out is never an option, it’s inevitable! Unless of course she pins you flat first! Elektra loves the front head scissor so she can look into the eyes of her victims. Because she’s so tall her standing scissors are devastating, and when she flops John over he’s ready for one of the most brutal figure fours on the planet! Produced in High-Definition, the DVD is 32 minutes of sexy Elektra dominating poor John. Stereo sound.


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