side figure 4 scissor

  • Shadowfax is a beautiful, 5'10" 185 lb. female bodybuilding amazon. She is a take charge, no nonsense woman, who doesn't like to be told "no," or take flack from anyone. When Kip tells her his wrestling victim dude is a "no-show," she demands answers and demands her payment. Kip makes the huge mistake of getting angry and tells her to "get out" and then an even bigger mistake when he pushes her.  Ashley immediately pounces on Kip and secures him in a brutal headlock and throws him to the floor where she mounts him. This starts a 24 minute emasculating demolition, as Shadowfax thrashes Kip up, down, and sideways. Fans of prolonged scissor punishment will be especially happy with this offering, as several of her wrestling holds last over 3 minutes each! Kip has no choice but to clutch at her massive, unforgiving thighs, as she pours on the pressure with hip thrusting, leg snapping intensity. Shadowfax, on the other hand, has a look of utter glee, as she has Kip helpless, gurgling in pain, and on the verge of being knocked out the entire video. Holds of note in this total annihilation include: grapevine, hip thrust, headlock, body scissor, head scissor, figure 4, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4, standing scissor, aerial side scissor, side figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, victory pose and tons of gorgeous Shadowfax flexing her 15" biceps. Shadowfax is the real deal and right now she's on!  Enjoy!
  • Super hot IFBB Pro Physique Competitor, Vice returns to Utopia Entertainment just 2 weeks off her contest shape. Vice boasts 14.5" biceps, 24" thighs and 15" calves.  In UTCS-112, Vice's Obedience School, Vice and her boyfriend are in their room on the first night of their vacation.  Trouble is, she wants to go for a romantic walk, and he wants to sleep off his day drinking. Steve, makes the mistake of telling her that "he doesn't care what she wants to do," and then tosses her magazine to the floor, calling her "the most controlling woman he's ever seen!"  Vice erupts and climbs on Steve for a crushing aerial side scissor.  Soon he's clutching at the mammoth gams that hold him prisoner, and screaming in pain.  Vice rolls him to the side for a devastating figure 4.  Now she starts flexing over him, taunting him and asking if "he's ready to go for that walk yet?"  But Steve is pissed and won't give her the satisfaction, so Vice goes even harder.  She straightens her legs right across his windpipe threatening to "take his head off."  But Steve has willpower, and evidently a stronger neck than we think, so Vice moves right on top of him for one of the most grueling reverse head scissor and figure 4 sequences we've ever witnessed.  We thought the reverse scissor in The Trainer gets Trained was astonishing, but Vice dishes out another 8 minute long reverse head scissor annihilation that has to be seen to be believed.  Kip captures his desperation from every angle, including some awesome close-ups.  In Vice's world there is no rest for the weary.  She pulls him to the edge of the bed and mashes his skull in a standing reverse scissor and once again flexes her mighty biceps over him.  For the next 2 minutes, she makes him worship her muscles in-between full-on blasts of awesome thigh power.  At this point, he is nothing but meat in an industrial sausage press and completely changes his tune in a desperate attempt to earn his freedom.  But Vice is not done teaching him this lesson. She turns around so he is now facing her and pulls his head high up between her gap.  For the next 3 minutes she presses Steve's neck with unparalleled pressure, completely owning him!  Steve's all but out, when Vice finds a leash, and places it around Steve's neck and says "I'm taking you for a walk."  Placed on all fours, Steve is marched out of the room like the canine that he is!  The lighting and camerawork in this offering are fantastic, as Vice puts on another superb scissoring display. Check out the preview clip to Vice's Obedience School here.  TRT 21 minutes, enjoy!


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