• Massive bodybuilder Jade visited Utopia many moons ago in what became her first and only mixed wrestling video. What is especially unique about this video, is it is the very first time we ever worked with Dante. Because it was Dante's first time with us, and we had never met Jade before we made this video multi-faceted. Dante must grade out at above average to continue as a jobber for Utopia, and Jade is to help assess his grades. We start innocently enough with a 4 minute interview with Jade as she does some stretches. She's really flexible for as muscular as she is, so it's pretty impressive. Then Jade treats us to 2 minutes of her posing her muscle packed physique. Then we talk to Dante for a minute and ask him why he wants to work for Utopia. Then onto the good stuff. Dante measures Jade and her stats are really impressive, especially when you consider she's just 5'1". Next it's onto arm wrestling where in round 1 Jade first toy's with Dante, letting him last a little while. But in round 2, she pins his arm in just under 3 seconds. Then we let Dante worship and squeeze Jade's muscles just to build the fear in his mind and lastly, its onto 9+ minutes of head mashing scissorholds! Jade tests Dante in classic scissors, a figure 4, grapevine, body scissors, rear naked choke and finally a front scissor in which Jade dials up the punishment to 100% full power while flexing her awesome bicep. Does Dante make the grade? Check out MW-130, Jade Auditions Dante today. Enjoy!
  • Lexi vs. Ed!

    14 Mins. $12.95
    Lexi Art is a beautiful, lean, strong, wrestling badass from New Orleans, LA.  Introduced to the scene by another session girl a couple of years ago,  Lexi took to wrestling with ease, because her body is made of steel.  She is pound for pound one of the strongest women on the site and backs that up with physicality, flexibility, cunning, and speed.  Some of the strength moves this women can pull off (like one-legged squats to the floor with the other leg stretched straight out) are downright incredible. And she does them routinely!  Combine that with tenacity,  boundless energy, and enthusiasm, she will most likely, straight-up, kick your ass!   UTCS-156, Lexi vs. Ed is a semi-competitive match, but it became evident from the outset, Ed was in over his head.  Lexi has one of the most brutal grapevines on the planet.  It's bad enough when she first slaps it on Ed, but then she immediately hip snaps and spreads her legs out with stunning authority.   This not only feels like she's going to tear his legs off from the hips down, but the force of her slamming up against his solar-plexus knocked the wind out of him.   He's paralyzed in her grip and tapping is immediate and frantic.  But then she combines it with a headlock and smashes his face while smothering him against her chest and he's in downright agony.  Watch as she tenses every muscle in her legs, back and arms as they become engorged with power.  Her body is an anatomy lesson!  From that moment on, he's in complete survival mode, and Lexi knows she's got him!  Nothing will save him and Lexi maneuvers him into hold after grueling hold.  Check out Lexi Art as she dominates Ed in another installment of "Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!"  TRT 14 minutes, enjoy!
  • Cammy is a very popular fighting female video game character and represents are very first cosplay video clip ever. I'm not sure why we never went down the cosplay path before, but as they say, better late than never.  Playing Cammy is none other than super sexy fetish star and session wrestler  Lora Cross.   When we first laid eyes on Lora, with her all natural muscular physique, golden tan, creamy inner thighs, baseball shaped biceps, and blonde hair, we knew she was a woman we had to feature.  To us she embodies Cammy, and when we approached her with the idea of playing her, she was all in!  Lora isn't just another pretty face and smoking hot body, she built that physique by being a career athlete.  Softball, marathon running, triathlon, CrossFit, and now ju-jitsu are all sports Lora has excelled in.  So she has the athletic ability strength, and stamina to submit any mere mortal over and over again in session wrestling. In UTCS-170, Cammy, Lora brings her A-game to the character and her energy and enthusiasm are matched only by her wrestling prowess, and power-packed scissor holds.  Indeed, when Lora straps on the legs, it's 100% pressure followed by repeated snapping, and brutal figure 4s.  Multiple front Scissors, front figure 4's, aerial side scissors, side figure 4's, reverse scissors, and reverse figure 4's abound, and  Steve's neck was bright red after his videos against Lora.   If there's one thing Lora likes better than a good scissorhold, it's a smother session, and she plants that perfect ass and tight little cookie right on Steve's face!  She's one of the sexiest women in mixed wrestling and this video is pretty special.  Tons of brutal neck wrenching scissors, music, graphics and sound effects complete our rendition of video game character Cammy, played impeccably by Luscious Lora Cross!  TRT 14.5 minutes, enjoy!    
  • Wonder D is an phenomenal IFBB Women's Physique Pro from NYC.  Tall, shredded, vascular, and hard as a rock, "Oil Me Bitch" was shot 4 days before she competed at the 2022 Tampa Pro.  Wonder D has a dominant side and she loves to have lowly slave boys oil her up and massage her massive muscles.  Steve is her lucky bitch boy this day and he oils her granite-like slabs, as she flexes for fans of pro level female physiques and Kip's camera.  Watching D flex her awesome physique is like an anatomy lesson, and there's many incredible close-ups as Wonder D flexes every body part, especially her 16" calves and thoroughbred like "race horse" hamstrings.  This clip is the first of 4 total clips from this shoot, including flexing, muscle worship, scissoring and facesitting.  TRT 9.5 minutes of some of the sexiest, ripped muscle you will ever see!  Enjoy! The preview clip can be found here.
  • Kiniku vs. Zac!

    11.5 Mins. $10.95
    Kiniku is a super athletic German woman living in Spain. She is best known for her competitive spirit and 6-pack abs. She loves to wrestle both men and women and has been sessioning since 2015.  "Kiniku vs. Zac" is her first match for Utopia, thus an outdoor rendition of "Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle" shot on location in Barcelona, Spain.  Zac loves to wrestle as well, and at the beginning he makes fun of both Kiniku and Utopia and that is the last time he smiles for the rest of this match! Kiniku takes Zac down and works a nice variety of grappling locks including an arm triangle, rear naked choke and body scissor combination, armpit choke, leg triangle chokes, guillotine, and a few other brutal chokeholds.  Kiniku is really bearing down and out for blood, but Zac proves to be pretty tough.  However, the overall pressure Kiniku brings to bear on Zac's trapped neck is too overwhelming.  Now that Zac is softened up, it's scissortime!  When Kiniku scissors him, her legs expand with solid muscularity.  An aerial side scissor, several reverse scissors, a classic head scissor, followed by another grappling guillotine and rear naked choke, give way to some more scissor punishment as Kiniku straddles Zac and makes him submit as she victoriously flexes her awesome biceps.  Lastly a humiliating slap in his face to show once and for all who is boss!   The preview clip can be found here.  Kiniku vs. Zac is 11.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!
  • Cheeky Scissors!

    13 Mins. $12.95
    Miss Cheeks is a career gymnast, and cheerleader, turned pro bodybuilder, and NPC Figure competitor. One thing for sure, take one look at her world class physique and you are hooked!  Miss Cheeks has zero weaknesses, with 14" baseball biceps, 14" diamond-cut calves, 22" rock-hard quads, chiseled 8-pack abs, and a world class derriere.  If given the opportunity to be scissored by this cool, laid-back, fun-loving woman, we highly recommend YES!   In UTCS-217, Cheeky Scissors, Ed is given just that opportunity, and at first after seeing how muscular and flexible she is, (clad in her ultra high-cut thong leotard,) he is hesitant.  But she gets right behind him and orders him in-between her smooth, tan, powerful gams!  The rest is scissoring history!  Miss Cheeks loves the scissor snap.  Over and over again she sends jolts of power into Ed and then a prolonged squeeze after, just to let him know that she could put him out for good.  Then intuitively, just before he's ready to tap, she backs off a bit, only to resume ... snap, snap, snap, squeeeeeze!  It's amazing!  She scissors the snot of of Ed in classic, classic 4, side scissor, side figure 4, reverse, reverse figure 4 and then finishes him off with a brutal front scissor.  Miss Cheeks poses while showing off her flexibility at the beginning, and makes Ed worship her beautiful muscles at the end.  Excellent lighting and close-ups from Kip highlight this awesome scissor-fest, and watch as she constantly clenches her gorgeous glutes in his face!  We guarantee you'll love watching Miss Cheeks scissor snap Ed senseless.  They don't call her Miss Cheeks for no good reason!!!  TRT 13 minutes, enjoy!
  • When we found out Bianca Blance was traveling to Germany last month, we reached out to our friend Foxxy Squeeze to see if she wanted to meet and wrestle against the female Italian (wrestling) "Stallion,"  Bianca is a 5'7," 135 lb yoga practitioner, natural athlete and session wrestler from Italy.  Foxxy Squeeze is also 5'7" as well, but 149 muscular pounds.  In setting up this match, we learned that Foxxy had never actually wrestled competitively against another woman before.  Indeed, her reputation is built on kicking men's asses in sessions in her home city of Frankfurt.  But Foxxy is a gamer and she figured, "hey if I'm gonna go up against another woman, why not go up against one of the best!?"  Bianca takes Foxxy under her proverbial wing and teaches her some man squashing scissorholds (coming out in another video) before this match, and encourages her new German friend to be aggressive in wrestling against her.  But there's no way Bianca is actually going to let Foxy submit her.  So in UTCS-219, Bianca Blance vs. Foxxy Squeeze, it's largely business when our two session wrestling beauties go at it. Bianca comes at you from all angles. She's really strong, deceptively fast, cunning, and her technique is getting better each day. Foxxy thinks she's defending Bianca's advances, and then BOOM, next thing you know, Bianca has her cruel legs wrapped around Foxxy's core.  Anybody who has ever wrestled against Bianca knows, her body scissor is no joke. It literally paralyzes you, and only the strongest athletes survive the fall, or even the match once that occurs.  Still, we found Foxxy to be an entertaining, good natured and sexy participant.  Please enjoy Bianca Blance vs. Foxxy Squeeze!
  • Just in time for Halloween, ultra-sexy fetish star and session wrestler Lora Cross reprises her role as fighting female video game character Cammy. Dressed in a green thong leotard, red hat, red gloves, and black boots, Lora really embodies Cammy. Lora is a true fitness enthusiast in every sense of the word. Working out in the gym and running nearly every day, Lora's physique is lean and muscular. Her power packed body can easily lift twice her body weight, so tossing around much bigger men is no problem. However, it's her scissorholds that grab her opponents attention, because they come at him from every angle and once she has those sexy gams wrapped around his head or neck, it's tap out or pass out. Lora is famous for her neck snapping scissors, and if he's not in pain already as she squeezes, the jolts of 100% full pressure she inflicts on him certainly are. In UTCS-245, Cammy Returns, Lora (as Cammy) squares off against fighter Ed. There's multiple, punches, kicks, throws, neck-wrenching scissors from every position, and tons of flexing too. Music, graphics and sound effects round out our 2nd rendition of video game character Cammy, played perfectly by muscular Lora Cross!  TRT is 17 minutes in length.  See the clip and get Lora's contact information at the end.  Enjoy!


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