Ms Nika

  • Ms. Nika vs. Riccardo!

    13 Mins. $11.95
    Ms Nika is a beautiful, statuesque dominatrix and session wrestler currently living in the UK. She is incredibly athletic and fit at 5'9" and 150lbs, and loves to wrestle/grapple and dominate men with a wide array of wrestling holds and scissors. Her long, strong legs, are like iron, and once she traps you in-between her muscular thighs you better tap, or it's lights out for you.  In UTCS-231, Ms Nika vs. Riccardo,  she asks him if he will practice with her to sharpen her skills for an upcoming tournament.  Riccardo and Nika know each other pretty well, and neither likes to lose to the other, so this is a very spirited contest.  Ms Nika's deadly legs and fantastic skill and endurance eventually wear Riccardo out, but he manages to make an excellent account of himself.  Holds of note include: takedowns, head scissors, body scissors, rear naked choke, guillotine, arm bar, front scissor, reverse scissor, straddle, victory pose and many moments of woman vs man struggle for supremacy.  We think you'll love UTCS-231, Ms Nika vs. Riccardo.  Enjoy!
  • Ms Nika vs. Bert!

    11.75 Mins. $10.95
    Ms Nika is a beautiful Ukrainian dominatrix and wrestler living in Italy.  She is statuesque and fit at 5'9" and 150lbs. Also very athletic, Ms Nika loves to face men on the mat and humiliate them at their own game!  In UTCS-203, Ms Nika vs. Bert, she takes down Bert and expertly maneuvers him into hold after excruciating hold and makes him tap (we counted) 45 times in this 12 minute video.  Often frantically, Bert told us he was on the verge of passing out many times.  Her scissors and chokes are downright brutal and when Nika makes Bert submit to her, she doesn't let him go right away, rather she loosens up a bit and then clamps right back down.  He's forced to tap over and over or suffer the consequences.  Her front scissor is her specialty (as is her rear naked choke,) but when she gets the front scissor on him, you can see her face light up in pure glee, as she knows she has him completely trapped and helpless.  She could do anything she wants to him in these moments and she loves the feeling of power she has over him.  Holds of note include: takedown, head scissor, figure 4, triangle choke, rear naked choke, straddle, schoolgirl pin, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, facesit, side scissor and her punishing front scissor.  Ms Nika is amazing as she's right here on Utopia. TRT 12 minutes, enjoy!


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