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  • Elektra vs. John

    31 Mins. $19.95
    Duration: 41 minutes Former College Heptathlete, Elektra, tangles with John in the second match in our series “Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle!” Blonde, tan and incredibly powerful, Elektra weighs in at 5’9” and 170lbs. Elektra simply overwhelms John. Her long limbs encircle his body and head constantly. She looks so tall, and pretty, but check out the guide photos. Her thighs are 26” of solid massive muscle. When she straps them on you she starts to crush slowly. As she toys with you the pressure mounts to bone snapping level. Tapping out is never an option, it’s inevitable! Unless of course she pins you flat first! Elektra loves the front head scissor so she can look into the eyes of her victims. Because she’s so tall her standing scissors are devastating, and when she flops John over he’s ready for one of the most brutal figure fours on the planet! Produced in High-Definition, the DVD is 32 minutes of sexy Elektra dominating poor John. Stereo sound.
  • Sexy, Italian, badass, Bianca Blance is one of the most accomplished and competitive female wrestlers in the world today.  That's why we love to feature her in no-holds-barred competitive wrestling against both males and females.  In UTCS-222, Bianca vs. Christian she is in the best shape of her life at a mesmerizing 5'7" and 135lbs.  She is lean, muscular, quick as a cat, and powerful.  Christian is cocky however, and he was adamant before the match that he would be able to submit Bianca "with no problem." Bianca is always nervous before these contests and she is focused.  As the 2 combatants face off, you can see it's all business on both sides, but it quickly becomes apparent that Bianca is just too much woman for Christian to handle.  She gets her first of 5 or 6 submissions about 1:45 in.  Then after each submission, while he is helpless she dominates him with some other type of vicious hold.  About half way through, Bianca takes off her top off as a show of dominance, revealing her perfect natural breasts.  Still, Christian gets up time and again and gives it his all, but like so many men and women before him, his all just ain't good enough!  Bianca vs. Christian is 16 minutes in length, enjoy!
  • Kick-ass wrestlers Bianca Blance and Sunni Ray have ganged up on hapless victims quite a few times and have wrestled against each a few times as well. They are polar opposites. Bianca is an exotic, shredded, dark-haired Italian, and Sunni Ray is a voluptuous, Blonde, fair beauty from Texas. Their personalities are different too. Bianca is emotional and fiery, Sunni Ray, laid back and level-headed. After the 2 ganged up on Nick in "Closet Creeper Crush," Bianca accuses Sunni Ray of not trying hard enough and tells Sunni she needs to prove herself by wrestling against Bianca again. Challenge accepted! S unni Ray and Bianca take off their tops and wrestle topless, trading holds until one women comes out on top!  Lastly, Bianca is both pissed off and turned on by Sunni Ray, so she goes right up to Sunni and plants a passionate kiss right on her lips, that leaves her stunned, and wanting more.  "It's Time to Prove Yourself Sunni Ray" is 10.5 minutes in length.  See the clip and get Bianca's and Sunni Ray's direct contact information. Enjoy!  


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