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  • Clean the Pool Loser!

    12.5 Mins. $11.95
    Pamela Strong is a gorgeous, athletic, Ukrainian session wrestler living in Italy. She spent the summer wrestling men in exotic locations while cultivating a deep tan. This topless video was produced just days ago, and Pam looks simply luscious!  In UTCS-240, Clean the Pool Loser, Pam has defeated Zac once again, this time in her oil pool and she is standing over him triumphantly flexing in her victory pose.  Their agreement was winner can have the loser do anything they want.  Pam feels she is going easy on him by commanding him to clean the pool.  However, even on his back, Zac defiantly says no, and this sends Pam into a scissoring frenzy.  Pam drops down on Zac for the first of many reverse scissorholds and reverse figure 4's.  Zac is spent from just being annihilated, so he is not able to mount much resistance, and this video becomes a visual showcase of Pam in wrestling, scissoring, facesitting, domination!  Other holds of note include: head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, side scissor, side figure 4, grapevine, breast smother, ankle choke, trampling, reverse facesit, armbar, foot domination, straddle, flexing and ball grabbing!  Sexy Pamela is cruel as can be and she loves nothing better than to thrash  Zac.  Buy the clip and get Pamela's contact information at the end.  Enjoy!
  • Produced Under Stress!

    16 Mins. $15.95
    Rose is an extremely popular, newly crowned, IFBB pro bodybuilder from Texas.  She has over 100K Instagram followers and growing, and hundreds (if not) thousands more checking out her OnlyFans each month.  Many female bodybuilding fans will instantly recognize her.  This video (and 2 others) were shot the day after she won her class at the North American Championships.  Thick, dense, luscious muscle, packs her 5'2" frame.  This video is her worldwide mixed wrestling debut!  In UTCS-239, Produced Under Stress, our Jobber Steve is producing his first clips ever for UtopiaEntertainment and he is behind schedule and getting snippy with Rose.  He doesn't like that she questions the tiny bikini he wants her to wear. That said, Rose looks spectacular in one of the briefest bikinis we've ever shot. When he intentionally bumps her shoulder while getting his phone, Rose gets pissed.  She hip-tosses Steve to the floor and low and behold his head ends up right under Rose's flawless thighs.  She drops down on him for a brutal 4-minute long reverse scissor and reverse figure 4.  This is literally one of the best scissor sequences we've seen in some time. Then Rose seamlessly shifts to her side and ensnare's his neck into a side scissor and side figure 4. When she commands Steve to say "Sorry," Steve says "I'm sorry I ever met you," and Rose really cranks it to him. Then Rose puts her foot right in Steve's face for some dominant foot worship. Rose completes Steve's humiliation with an awesome 2.5 minute head scissor, figure 4 sequence, and a grueling 4-minute long front head scissors and front figure 4 sequence.  Plus more foot domination and fantastic victory pose.  Rose has become a scissor snapping, neck chopping machine and many times Rose flexes her awesome biceps while scissoring Steve, senseless.  We feel this is an exceptional offering and we're sure you'll agree, Holy Shit, Utopia's done it again!  TRT is 16 minutes, enjoy!  
  • Pamela Strong is a sexy, fit, Ukrainian session wrestler and BJJ practitioner now living in Italy.  In UTCS-208, Pamela Strong Schools Zac, Pam has been invited to a costume party and she is modeling her new schoolgirl outfit in the mirror, when her friend Zac comes in and insults her.  He tells her she's being "ridiculous," and can't be an "innocent schoolgirl" because she's more like a "dominatrix and hooker," than a schoolgirl.  This sets Pam off, and she headlock throws Zac onto the bed and attacks him. Pam is quite accomplished at wrestling, grappling, scissoring, and other fetish arts such as, facesitting and foot worship and she destroys Zac using all of the above.  First in this ultra-hot clip, Pamela pins Zac down with an innovative arm lock using her leg to nearly break it, as she strips off the top with her legs spread open, revealing her incredible tits.  Then she mounts his face with her strong thighs and grinds him into the bed.  Soon she's peeled off her schoolgirl costume completely, wearing only the sheer white thong panties. Then she proceeds to totally thrash Zac, turning him up down and sideways. When Pamela gets going, you never know what she may do next and she is downright vicious in some of this clip.  Holds of note include: head scissor, figure 4, front head scissor, rear naked choke, scissor smashes, facesitting, smothering, foot domination, foot slapping, tit slamming, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4 and more.  Sexy Pamela Strong is the new queen of mean and she's right here on Utopia.  See the clip and get Pamela's contact information at the end. Enjoy!
  • Pamela Strong is a beautiful, blonde, all natural, BJJ practitioner and session wrestler from Ukraine, living in Italy.  She had heard about Utopia from a mutual friend, and reached out to us.  It didn't take long for us to call our video crew in Italy to set up a shoot.  Pamela may look like a typical blonde fitness girl, but once you slap hands with her on the mat, and say "wrestle," you better have your defense together, because she's about to attack.  Then once she has you on the ground (which is inevitable) it's a myriad of whatever scissor and or grappling lock she wants to throw on you, as you repeatedly tap, gurgle your submission or pass out.  It's uncanny how strong this 125lb woman's scissorholds are, invoking immediate taps, before she mercifully lets you free.  Of course there's the mental aspect of your beatdown she unleashes as well.  Verbally taunting you as weak and unable to defend yourself against her.  Sexy Ms. Strong, will literally take your breath away. Not only from her physical beauty, but she'll nearly choke you out and then sit on your face, til you're desperate for air.  Then as you gasp to catch it, she'll shove her perfectly manicured feet right in your mouth.  I mean she comes at you from every angle, and is relentless about humiliating you until there is no other option than to admit total defeat.  In UTCS-177, Pamela Strong vs. Zac, he tries to out-maneuver her from the hop, but she is too fast, too strong, and too skilled for Zac, and he falls prey to her like so many others before and since.  With Zac she grabs and kicks his dick and balls many times while he is hopelessly trapped in her scissors, just to let him know, she owns him!  Simply put, Pamela Strong is totally hot as she wrestles topless in a micro thong!  TRT 12.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • The Scissor Squad is what might happen if Charlie's Angels were expert scissor goddesses and dressed like dominatrix's. It stars wrestling phenoms: Sheena, Bianca Blance, and Lora Cross.  Part 2 picks up exactly where part 1 leaves off, with Sheena lifting Steve off the mat and then sending him head over heels to the mat with a perfectly executed one-arm shoulder throw. From there the squad swarms on him like bees on honey. They take turns singled up on him, then double and triple team him for some incredible mixed wrestling fun. There's head scissors, grapevine, figure 4, body scissor, choke, side scissor, side figure 4, front scissor, ankle scissor, foot worship, facesiitting, and tons of flexing. Near the end each woman takes their turn trying to break his neck in their scissorholds. Will he perish? Check out the scissor squad part 2 to find out what happens! The Scissor Squad full version is in the 25 minute range and will be completed and released within the next 2 days. The Scissor Squad, Part 2 is 12 minutes of non-stop action by 3 ultra-sexy, scissoring sirens.  Get Sheena's, Bianca Blance's, and Lora Cross's contact info at the end of the video.  TRT 12 minutes, enjoy!      
  • Sheena Breaks Lance!

    15 Mins. $14.95
    This video is actually a custom request that came through our jobber Lance. They wanted a beatdown clip starring Sheena with a foot worship twist. While at the Arnold we had our chance and this video was shot at the same time as UTCS-82, Personal Trainer Trouncing, with Sheena in contest condition. Sheena has really been spreading her wings recently and taking on all sorts or role-plays. She's more muscular, stronger and more accomplished than ever and she is one gorgeous, dangerous woman! In UTCS-85, Sheena Breaks Lance, Sheena comes back from the Gym and is tired and achy and wants Lance to rub her feet. When Lance tells her that her feet stink, this sets our Hungarian beauty into a fit. Sheena has the strength, stamina and expertise to beat almost anyone into submission and it's awesome to see her totally work Lance over. He's nearly 5" taller and 60 or so pounds heavier than her, but she controls him like a puppet. Punches, kicks, scissors, chokes, knee lifts, knee drops, butt bombs, stomping, trampling and ankle scissors abound!  And, the punches are real!  At one point Sheena strips his shirt off and chokes him with it from many different positions.  Holding him up while putting her perfect feet in his face.  In the end she sits on the broken man while slapping his face with her feet and flexing her big biceps. Awesome camerawork and lighting by Kip with some excellent angles.  If you're a fan of gorgeous muscular women, truly beating up a men UTCS-85, Sheena Breaks Lance is a must see. Enjoy!


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