Produced Under Stress!

Produced Under Stress!


(16 Mins.)

Rose is an extremely popular, newly crowned, IFBB pro bodybuilder from Texas.  She has over 100K Instagram followers and growing, and hundreds (if not) thousands more checking out her OnlyFans each month.  Many female bodybuilding fans will instantly recognize her.  This video (and 2 others) were shot the day after she won her class at the North American Championships.  Thick, dense, luscious muscle, packs her 5’2″ frame.  This video is her worldwide mixed wrestling debut!  In UTCS-239, Produced Under Stress, our Jobber Steve is producing his first clips ever for UtopiaEntertainment and he is behind schedule and getting snippy with Rose.  He doesn’t like that she questions the tiny bikini he wants her to wear. That said, Rose looks spectacular in one of the briefest bikinis we’ve ever shot. When he intentionally bumps her shoulder while getting his phone, Rose gets pissed.  She hip-tosses Steve to the floor and low and behold his head ends up right under Rose’s flawless thighs.  She drops down on him for a brutal 4-minute long reverse scissor and reverse figure 4.  This is literally one of the best scissor sequences we’ve seen in some time. Then Rose seamlessly shifts to her side and ensnare’s his neck into a side scissor and side figure 4. When she commands Steve to say “Sorry,” Steve says “I’m sorry I ever met you,” and Rose really cranks it to him. Then Rose puts her foot right in Steve’s face for some dominant foot worship. Rose completes Steve’s humiliation with an awesome 2.5 minute head scissor, figure 4 sequence, and a grueling 4-minute long front head scissors and front figure 4 sequence.  Plus more foot domination and fantastic victory pose.  Rose has become a scissor snapping, neck chopping machine and many times Rose flexes her awesome biceps while scissoring Steve, senseless.  We feel this is an exceptional offering and we’re sure you’ll agree, Holy Shit, Utopia’s done it again!  TRT is 16 minutes, enjoy!



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