Boston Crab

  • Every time we ask Bianca Blance to wrestle for us, we are continually amazed at what this gorgeous Italian woman brings to the table.   She is getting stronger and more muscular each time we see her, and she continually adds new moves and holds to her repertoire.  She is one of the most capable, and energetic women in mixed wrestling and we give you her contact info so you can have your ass handed to you in a session of your own!  In UTCS-182, Fanboy Beating, Bianca is hanging out catching up on her emails between matches when Fanboy Ed walks up to her and sits right down next to her.  She asks him nicely at first to go away, but he persists.  When she tells him "go find another girl to speak with," Ed gets insulted and says "Is this how you treat your biggest fans?"  Well that sets Bianca off.  She climbs right up on him and puts him in a front scissor, and pulls him down onto the mat still tightly gripping his neck.  She slams her thigh down across his neck several times before changing positions into her "signature" reverse scissor and reverse figure 4.  And that's how Bianca rolls.  She's wrestled Ed down and incapacitated him twice within the first minute.  Her thighs are lean and incredibly strong, but when she presses her scissor they become thick and massive, unyielding slabs of iron.  He's being strangled and mashed at the same time. Everything from that point on is a blur of arms, legs and pain as she completely dominates him.  Then when you least expect it, she grabs your man-meat and let's you know how truly vulnerable you are in her presence!  The first time we ever shot with Bianca we showed her the scissor slam, snap and chop techniques, but she has taken them to a new art form.  Several times and from several different positions she raises one of her thighs off his neck and repeatedly slams it back down, then she crosses her ankles and snaps you in and out with them.  All he can do is grit his teeth, go along for the ride, and pray she doesn't decapitate him.  Other holds of note in this incredible action-packed 10 minutes of wrestling are: camel clutch, Boston crab, banana split, grapevine, straddle, flexing, ball grabbing, standing scissor, front scissor, aerial side scissor, classic scissor, reverse scissor and reverse figure 4.  Bianca Blance  just keeps getting better all the time, and this video is pure evidence that she's one of the hottest women in mixed wrestling! The preview clip can be found here.  Enjoy!
  • Cammy is a very popular fighting female video game character and represents are very first cosplay video clip ever. I'm not sure why we never went down the cosplay path before, but as they say, better late than never.  Playing Cammy is none other than super sexy fetish star and session wrestler  Lora Cross.   When we first laid eyes on Lora, with her all natural muscular physique, golden tan, creamy inner thighs, baseball shaped biceps, and blonde hair, we knew she was a woman we had to feature.  To us she embodies Cammy, and when we approached her with the idea of playing her, she was all in!  Lora isn't just another pretty face and smoking hot body, she built that physique by being a career athlete.  Softball, marathon running, triathlon, CrossFit, and now ju-jitsu are all sports Lora has excelled in.  So she has the athletic ability strength, and stamina to submit any mere mortal over and over again in session wrestling. In UTCS-170, Cammy, Lora brings her A-game to the character and her energy and enthusiasm are matched only by her wrestling prowess, and power-packed scissor holds.  Indeed, when Lora straps on the legs, it's 100% pressure followed by repeated snapping, and brutal figure 4s.  Multiple front Scissors, front figure 4's, aerial side scissors, side figure 4's, reverse scissors, and reverse figure 4's abound, and  Steve's neck was bright red after his videos against Lora.   If there's one thing Lora likes better than a good scissorhold, it's a smother session, and she plants that perfect ass and tight little cookie right on Steve's face!  She's one of the sexiest women in mixed wrestling and this video is pretty special.  Tons of brutal neck wrenching scissors, music, graphics and sound effects complete our rendition of video game character Cammy, played impeccably by Luscious Lora Cross!  TRT 14.5 minutes, enjoy!    
  • Sexy, all natural, Italian, wrestling babe, Bianca Blance returns to Utopia in a rematch with Ed.  Bianca completely annihilated Ed in UTCS-141, so at the open of UTCS-144, she tells Kip, "I had so much fun in the first match, I want to wrestle Ed again."  But when Kip tells her Ed is done for the day she says "I want to wrestle, I take what I want!"  and she drags Eddie back onto the mat.  This is one of the sexiest videos we've shot in some time.  First, Bianca is in tremendous shape and just exudes sex appeal, and second she is wearing a super tiny slingshot bikini with her gorgeous brown hair down.  About half way through, she moves the bra out of the way and uncovers her breasts. And yes, they are real, and they are spectacular!   She is proud of her body and her knowledge of wrestling holds and she works Ed over with an energetic ass-whipping from start to finish.  Holds of note include: takedown, body scissor, rear naked choke, grapevine reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, side scissor, side figure 4, facesitting and a straddle where Bianca places her cookie right under Ed's chin and says "Do you feel the power of my pussy?"  There's also an ankle choke where Bianca sits on Ed's face and flexes, and another straddle where she opens and closes her magnificent, muscular thighs and humps up and down on Ed, saying "I'm riding your face!"   Then she finishes Ed off with her signature reverse figure 4, while grabbing Ed's package, and an innovative reverse facesit she calls "The washing machine!"  Then a double bicep victory pose while standing on Ed's cock, where she tells us her email address so you can get a private session wrestling beatdown of your very own.  Bianca is one of the sexiest women ever to grace a mixed wrestling video and she's right here, right now, on! TRT 11 minutes, enjoy!
  • Dez Desire Levels Lance!

    19.5 Mins. $17.95
    Dez Desire returns to Utopia in a ring custom clip entitled UTCS-113, Dez Desire Levels Lance! Dez and Lance meet in the squared circle with a million dollars (winner take all) as the prize.  Lance doesn't want to fight a girl, so he tries to get Dez to forego the match and split the purse with him.  Dez is cocky and knows she can give the chauvanist all he bargained for, so she is willing to get it on and with that she hauls off and sucker punches him.  Lance hits the canvas and it's match on!  From there it's a non-stop 20 minute beatdown with, stomps, kicks, slaps, punches, elbows as well as some excellent wrestling and grappling submission holds including: scissors, guillotine, choke, arm lock, triangle, Boston Crab and more.  In the end Dez completely knocks Lance to the canvas with a devastating roundhouse kick to the jaw.  If your a fan of beatdowns from one of the most talented mixed fighters in the world, then Dez Desire Levels Lance is a must view! Check out the preview clip to Dez Desire Levels Lance here.  TRT 19.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • In UTCS-105, Backstabber's Beatdown, sensational wrestler/grappler VeVe Lane overhears her friend Diablo talking with her new jobber Rich behind her back. Seems Rich is upset that during his "tryout" Veve went really hard on him, and when he complains to Diablo, he takes Rich's side. This sends fiery redhead Veve into attack mode and she takes turns with each man twisting them up, down and sideways! First Rich, then Diablo, then when they are both suitably softened up, she traps both of them together!  If Rich thought she went hard the first time, it is nothing compared to the beating he receives after smack talking behind her back.  Diablo also gets a double dose as he is her "so-called, friend!"  Holds of note include fireman's carry, head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, dragon sleeper, Boston crab, camel clutch, standing scissor, banana split, rear naked choke, body scissor, full nelson, facesitting and much more!  In fact we counted oner 34 pro and amateur wrestling holds, throws, variations and combinations in 16 incredible, action-packed minutes!  This is Veve in mixed wrestling domination at it's best! Enjoy!
  • Sheena Breaks Lance!

    15 Mins. $14.95
    This video is actually a custom request that came through our jobber Lance. They wanted a beatdown clip starring Sheena with a foot worship twist. While at the Arnold we had our chance and this video was shot at the same time as UTCS-82, Personal Trainer Trouncing, with Sheena in contest condition. Sheena has really been spreading her wings recently and taking on all sorts or role-plays. She's more muscular, stronger and more accomplished than ever and she is one gorgeous, dangerous woman! In UTCS-85, Sheena Breaks Lance, Sheena comes back from the Gym and is tired and achy and wants Lance to rub her feet. When Lance tells her that her feet stink, this sets our Hungarian beauty into a fit. Sheena has the strength, stamina and expertise to beat almost anyone into submission and it's awesome to see her totally work Lance over. He's nearly 5" taller and 60 or so pounds heavier than her, but she controls him like a puppet. Punches, kicks, scissors, chokes, knee lifts, knee drops, butt bombs, stomping, trampling and ankle scissors abound!  And, the punches are real!  At one point Sheena strips his shirt off and chokes him with it from many different positions.  Holding him up while putting her perfect feet in his face.  In the end she sits on the broken man while slapping his face with her feet and flexing her big biceps. Awesome camerawork and lighting by Kip with some excellent angles.  If you're a fan of gorgeous muscular women, truly beating up a men UTCS-85, Sheena Breaks Lance is a must see. Enjoy!


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