I Want to Wrestle, I Take What I Want!

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I Want to Wrestle, I Take What I Want!


Sexy, all natural, Italian, wrestling babe, Bianca Blance returns to Utopia in a rematch with Ed.  Bianca completely annihilated Ed in UTCS-141, so at the open of UTCS-144, she tells Kip, “I had so much fun in the first match, I want to wrestle Ed again.”  But when Kip tells her Ed is done for the day she says “I want to wrestle, I take what I want!”  and she drags Eddie back onto the mat.  This is one of the sexiest videos we’ve shot in some time.  First, Bianca is in tremendous shape and just exudes sex appeal, and second she is wearing a super tiny slingshot bikini with her gorgeous brown hair down.  About half way through, she moves the bra out of the way and uncovers her breasts. And yes, they are real, and they are spectacular!   She is proud of her body and her knowledge of wrestling holds and she works Ed over with an energetic ass-whipping from start to finish.  Holds of note include: takedown, body scissor, rear naked choke, grapevine reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, side scissor, side figure 4, facesitting and a straddle where Bianca places her cookie right under Ed’s chin and says “Do you feel the power of my pussy?”  There’s also an ankle choke where Bianca sits on Ed’s face and flexes, and another straddle where she opens and closes her magnificent, muscular thighs and humps up and down on Ed, saying “I’m riding your face!”   Then she finishes Ed off with her signature reverse figure 4, while grabbing Ed’s package, and an innovative reverse facesit she calls “The washing machine!”  Then a double bicep victory pose while standing on Ed’s cock, where she tells us her email address so you can get a private session wrestling beatdown of your very own.  Bianca is one of the sexiest women ever to grace a mixed wrestling video and she’s right here, right now, on UtopiaEntertainment.com! TRT 11 minutes, enjoy!


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