• Bianca Blance is passionate about many things. Yoga, nutrition, combat sports and Christmas, to name a few.  To Bianca, Christmas is the time of year to spread good cheer and give of herself to others.  Last year at Christmas she gave Flavio a good scissoring because he insulted her tree.  But afterward she let Flavio lick and worship her sexy, pedicured feet, and that is where Christmas with Bianca, Part 2  picks up.  Bianca is one of the hottest women on the scene today, and she is in phenomenal shape.  Dressed in her festive red bikini and "Naughty" Santa hat, she knows what Flavio needs for his present this year.  To be allowed to lick, suck and worship her flawless feet and toes.  Please note, there is no wrestling or scissoring in this clip. Only Bianca dominating Flavio as only she can.  Is he worthy?   Christmas with Bianca, Part 2 is 13 minutes in length.  See the clip and get Bianca's direct contact information, so you can worship this fantastic woman yourself. Enjoy!    
  • Lexa Stahl is a gorgeous physique athlete from somewhere out west, USA. She had a meteoric rise in bodybuilding and now she's taking her talents to wrestling and grappling. Lexa is very proud of the progress she's made in Jiu Jitsu in only one year of serious training, and she wanted to showcase her grappling ability.  Far be it from us to disappoint a woman like Lexa, so we pitted her against Steve and let them have at it.  Lexa essentially dominates a much bigger and stronger opponent, keeping Steve on the defensive throughout and gaining his submission a half dozen times!  UTCS-243, Lexa vs. Steve consists of a 4 minute long interview with Lexa at the beginning, followed by 11+ minutes of competitive grappling.  Purchase the clip and get Lexa's contact information at the end.  Enjoy!
  • Sexy, Italian, badass, Bianca Blance is one of the most accomplished and competitive female wrestlers in the world today.  That's why we love to feature her in no-holds-barred competitive wrestling against both males and females.  In UTCS-222, Bianca vs. Christian she is in the best shape of her life at a mesmerizing 5'7" and 135lbs.  She is lean, muscular, quick as a cat, and powerful.  Christian is cocky however, and he was adamant before the match that he would be able to submit Bianca "with no problem." Bianca is always nervous before these contests and she is focused.  As the 2 combatants face off, you can see it's all business on both sides, but it quickly becomes apparent that Bianca is just too much woman for Christian to handle.  She gets her first of 5 or 6 submissions about 1:45 in.  Then after each submission, while he is helpless she dominates him with some other type of vicious hold.  About half way through, Bianca takes off her top off as a show of dominance, revealing her perfect natural breasts.  Still, Christian gets up time and again and gives it his all, but like so many men and women before him, his all just ain't good enough!  Bianca vs. Christian is 16 minutes in length, enjoy!


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