arm choke

  • Kimchi and Derrick are hanging out. Kim doesn't really want to do anything because she's tired from Jiu Jitsu class. Derrick thinks that's absurd and insults her size and wrestling ability saying "I challenge you to make me tap one time!" Kim perks up and says "Challenge accepted," and it's match on. Kimchi is not the most muscular woman we have ever featured on Utopia. However, she's a cool, yet energetic and beautiful Asian chick, who studies jiu jitsu, has numerous fetish interests, participates in hundreds of videos and is an active session wrestler. She surprises Derrick and makes him tap immediately with a nasty arm bar and from there she completely dominates him. At one point during his destruction, Kimchi removes her top so she can really smother derrick properly with her beautiful natural breasts. Holds of note include: arm bar, guillotine, rear naked choke, body scissor, head scissor, front scissor, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4, and tons of facesitting. You'll love watching Kimchi in UTCS-120, Challenge Accepted!  TRT 21 minutes, enjoy!
  • Buff blonde figure competitor Sunni Ray and sexy competitive powerlifter Macy Nikole are 2 session girls that compete on opposing flag football teams. They're tossing a football back and forth, dressed in their respective jerseys and matching thongs, but start flinging insults at each other as well. Next thing you know a challenge to wrestle is issued and it's on. Our 2 buff, beauties go at it with energy and enthusiasm and are competitively trying to submit each other. At first it seems as if Macy has the upper hand. She's able to trap Sunni in a front triangle and then a rear naked choke, but she can't quite seal the deal and Sunni somehow wiggled free from both treacherous holds. Macy is a little cocky at this point, and makes a mistake. She gets caught between Sunni's big legs and in trying to free herself leaves her neck and arm vulnerable for Sunni's arm choke. She flips Macy to her back and locks it in tight, with a vicious thigh scissor as well. To Macy's credit she doesn't panic, or give in, and after a nearly 2 minute struggle, she manages to break the hold. Sunni is visibly frustrated, and tired, and Macy looks to be back in control by ensnaring Sunni in a scissor, then a hammerlock, and finally another rear naked choke. Sunni is doing anything to break free, including trying to stand up with Macy clinging to her neck and back. But Macy is able to wrestle her back down to the mat. This might have been the end for Sunni Ray, but Macy, also exhausted, doesn't have the strength left to choke her out. When they break apart, cooler and exhausted heads prevail and the match ends in a draw. You'll have to decide who the winner is for yourselves. UTCS-221, Sunni Ray vs. Macy Nikole is 12.5 minutes in length, enjoy!
  • Lexa Stahl is a beautiful physique athlete who has fallen in love with BJJ. Her love of grappling combined with her love of weight training has created a dangerous woman who can legit kick your ass. Lexa loves nothing more than dressing in her gi, therefore hiding the rock-hard muscle she's built underneath, and submitting man after man in her jiu jitsu class. In UTCS-254, "I Love Emasculating Men," Lexa takes on a dude who cut in front of her flexing in the gym mirror. When he tells her to "relax," she initially takes the high road and starts to walk away. But he makes the critical error of chasing after her and grabbing her, and that's the last straw. She hip tosses him to the ground and immediately traps him in an armbar. After threatening to break his arm, Lexa decides he really needs to be taught a lesson, by completely humiliating and emasculating him. She's been working on her scissorhold skills and unleashes a severe wrestling beatdown he won't soon forget. Combining grueling scissors with severe grappling chokes. Along with her wrestling onslaught, Lexa verbally abuses the poor gym "loser" with a barrage of insults. "I Love to Emasculate Men!" is 17 minutes in length.  See the clip and get Lexa's direct contact information. Enjoy!    
  • We are proud to introduce out newest Utopia badass, Sweet Venom!  Sweet Venom is a 5'7", and 160 lb. professional MMA fighter who loves to be sexy, and loves to show off her skills both in the octagon and on the mat against men.  In her first Utopia video ever, she strips down to a tiny blue bikini and competitively tangles with Alrik Angel, a 6'3" 180lb dude from Texas.  What he has over her in strength and size, she more than makes up for in technique and killer instinct.  She maneuvers him into all sorts of painful grappling locks including, arm bar, guillotine, rear naked choke and kimura.  But when she has him totally whipped and unable to defend himself any longer, she puts the legs to him in 3 different grueling reverse scissor holds. In all she submits him nearly a dozen times.  And there's a dozen or so wardrobe malfunctions, as her beautiful, natural breasts keep popping out all over the place.  You'll love Sweet Venom in "Sweet Venom's Sting," 11 minutes in length.  Enjoy!


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