Sweet Venom’s Sting!

Sweet Venom’s Sting!


(11 Mins.)

We are proud to introduce out newest Utopia badass, Sweet Venom!  Sweet Venom is a 5’7″, and 160 lb. professional MMA fighter who loves to be sexy, and loves to show off her skills both in the octagon and on the mat against men.  In her first Utopia video ever, she strips down to a tiny blue bikini and competitively tangles with Alrik Angel, a 6’3″ 180lb dude from Texas.  What he has over her in strength and size, she more than makes up for in technique and killer instinct.  She maneuvers him into all sorts of painful grappling locks including, arm bar, guillotine, rear naked choke and kimura.  But when she has him totally whipped and unable to defend himself any longer, she puts the legs to him in 3 different grueling reverse scissor holds. In all she submits him nearly a dozen times.  And there’s a dozen or so wardrobe malfunctions, as her beautiful, natural breasts keep popping out all over the place.  You’ll love Sweet Venom in “Sweet Venom’s Sting,” 11 minutes in length.  Enjoy!


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