We Can Dance!

We Can Dance!


(11.5 Mins.)

Ditria Rose is a super cute fetish model from Ohio. She and our big guy Lance are dating, and they have a love/hate relationship.  At 5’3″ and 106 well distributed lbs. soaking wet, Ditria probably won’t instill panic in anyone she meets, but “never judge a book by its cover!”  If you take this woman on, mano y womano, in either a video or session, you are in for a rare beatdown. Depending on what the script is, or what you want in a session, she will, punch, kick, slap, stomp, scissor, smother, facesit or trample the shit out of you!  No joke!  She is passionate about her work, and she aims to give people the experience they crave.  In “We Can Dance,” Lance and Ditria come home from a night at the bar. While Lance was sitting at the bar drinking, Ditria hit the dance floor and was quite popular … shaking that fine little ass for several men all night long.  When these two get into it, Ditria beats him down, like the dawg he is!  Which is ironic, because getting Ditria mad is like facing a rabid dawg, lol.  Punches, kicks, scissors and trampling with her heels on are what Lance is facing, and something tells us, he’ll be more careful with his words next time. Introducing Ditria Rose!  “We Can Dance” is 11.5 minutes in length.  Enjoy!


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