You’re Extreme Electra?

You’re Extreme Electra?


(11.5 Mins.)

If you’re a fan of mixed wrestling, you undoubtedly know who (Extreme) Electra is. ¬†Really pretty, blonde session wrestler, boxer and martial artist from parts out west, introduced to the scene nearly 20 years ago by yours truly! Except Lance that is! Evidently Lance lives under a rock, because he had heard tale of “badass” Electra’s beatdowns, but thought she was like 5’8 or something like that. So when he sees her in person, he insults her by saying, “You’re Electra?” Electra doesn’t think too kindly of this line of questioning, and punches Lance a few times, right in the solar plexus, bending him over in pain. Electra has been bulking this winter to put on needed muscle for an upcoming NPC event, so she is thicker and stronger than she has ever been. That said, she is still lightning quick, and has her natural, killer instinct! From there she throws Lance to the ground, then scissors, grapevines, chokes and generally beats him down senseless, while occasionally striking him with vicious intent. Lance clearly underestimated Electra and she is able to dominate and humiliate the big man at her whim. In the end while standing over him in a victory pose, she turns the tables on him by asking, “So you’re Lance, huh? ¬†UTCS-264, “You’re Electra” is 11.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!


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