Madison Swan vs. Zach!

Madison Swan vs. Zach!



Madison Swan
is the definition of a lean, muscular, hottie and has one of the best cores on the mixed wrestling session scene! A lifetime of rock climbing and backpacking have helped chisel Madison’s incredible physique and sweet “little” biceps. She’s not the biggest woman out there, but lithe, lean, beautiful, sexy, incredibly strong and technically sound! In UTCS-59, Madison Swan vs. Zach we start with measuring her physique and then are treated to Madison flexing her sexy biceps in a super tiny thong bikini. Then she hits the Squeeze-O-Meter™ for 280lbs., in like 2 seconds. Couple this with the fact she knows nearly every hold imaginable and you understand why Madison legit kicks Zach’s butt! This was Zach’s first wrestling video and like so many before him, underestimates his fit, young opponents strength, speed, training and endurance! Yes, Zach is surprised and humiliated as Madison completely works him over with a variety of scissors and other locks. Including a tight rear naked choke, grinding grapevine, grueling body scissor and submission-inducing dragon sleeper! Scissorholds include, front scissor, body scissors, and her favorite, the reverse headscissor and reverse figure 4. We know you’ll love Madison Swan in our newest installment of Holy Poop, This Woman can Really Wrestle, UTCS-59, Madison Swan vs. Zach Enjoy!

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