The Scissor Expert Strikes Again – Part 1

The Scissor Expert Strikes Again – Part 1


Ultra-sexy mixed wrestling superstar Skylar Rene returns to Utopia to star in MW-70, The Scissor Expert Strikes Again! Dozens of people wrote us after Skylar’s first video with Utopia, (where she appeared topless for the first time in mixed wrestling) MW-60, The Scissor Expert and requested a second video, and now here it is! Part 1 contains the back story and nearly 6 minutes of incredible scissoring on Dante’s desk. Skylar is applying for a hostess job at a new swanky Las Vegas Jazz Club. Dante is the manager and has to conduct her interview. Beautiful Skylar reminds Dante that she is the Scissor Expert and the job better be hers. However since she has no hostess experience, he can’t offer her the job. All hell breaks lose as Skylar makes good on her promise to “scissor him within an inch of his life.” Unbelievably strong, every hold from Skylar is made to punish, and she is relentless and rough. Skylar hops up on Dante’s desk and pulls him into a brutal front scissor and then a punishing front scissor 4. Dante’s face turns purple as she twists his neck to the side. Continuing on the next Skylar flips over, snakes her legs over his shoulders and scissors him, ass-up in reverse. Awesome!!! Next she pulls him up onto the desk and standing scissors him with his head hanging off the edge. Part 1 of MW-70, The Scissor Expert Strikes Again, is over 6 minutes in length and only $5.95. The full 30 minute MW-70, The Scissor Expert Strikes Again is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Utopia Clips Store. Check out: Skylar Rene See sexy Skylar on Utopia today!

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