My Legs Could Kill You! Part 1

My Legs Could Kill You! Part 1


In Part 1 of MW-51, My Legs Could Kill You! Jennifer Scarpetta (aka Scar) comes out dressed in a purple bikini top and skin tight leather pants. She’s in contest shape and many men have recently told her that her legs are lethal! She flexes her body for us and it is awesome! Jennifer always knew she was strong… but deadly? She convinces her husband to let her scissor him and then were off to scissor heaven! She practically busts out of her leather pants as she applies mind numbing scissor hold after scissor hold. She asks him Do you think they’re lethal?” She peels off her leather pants and makes him worship her magnificent legs. Then while he’s on his hands and knees she sucks him in high for a nice standing head scissor. Part 1 is just under 7 minutes in Length and just $6.95. Fans of women dressed in dominant attire will love Jennifer in her skin tight leather pants!”

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