Ironfire Takes On All Comers Part 1

Ironfire Takes On All Comers Part 1


Bodybuilding and fitness star Ironfire returns to Utopia in her first wrestling video in almost 7 years. Introducing MW-54, Ironfire Takes On All Comers! In the last 7 years, since her last Utopia video, Ironfire has packed on 15lbs. of solid muscle. She’s also taken an interest in Grappling and trains twice a week. Indeed, Ironfire was recruited and trained by Kip 12 years ago and she has always been one of the most competitive women around. Strikingly beautiful, Ironfire also has a quick wit and a sharp tongue. In Part 1, Ironfire immediately flips Nick to the floor and straps on an inescapable reverse scissor. Sapping most of his strength immediately he falls prey to her head scissor and figure 4, where she flexes her massive biceps with him secured between her muscular thighs. Several other scissor leave Nick exhausted and in pain, and he surrenders his defeat! Ironfire is a beautiful, energetic, wrestling machine, and in MW-54, Ironfire Takes On All Comers she proves it! Part 1 is 15 minutes in length and includes the open and Ironfire flexing and talking directly into the camera. Check out Ironfire’s Utopia Star Profile Here! Enjoy!”

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