Temptress Pixie vs. Ed!

Temptress Pixie vs. Ed!


(9 Mins.)

Temptress Pixie is a petite female bodybuilding dominatrix living in Las Vegas.  What she lacks in size, she more than makes up with strength, tenacity and and an unmistakable alpha presence.  Her body is cut from steel, and there is literally no fat on her chiseled frame.  Then, she hit the Squeeze-O-Meter™ 2.0 for a 293 lb. scissor press, which is unbelievable for a woman who is only 5’1″ and 117 lbs dripping wet.  Her legs are long, lean and savage.  They are the type that cut right into the side of your neck, cutting of the blood supply to your head thru the carotid artery.  They are hard, painful, deadly, and cause her victims to tap immediately or suffer a humiliating knock out.  In UTCS-164, Temptress Pixie vs. Ed Pixie throws Ed down to the mat with a nice headlock  and immediately grapevines him.  Then she straddles him where she smashes her pussy right up under his chin in what she likes to call a “Pussy choke.”  After a brutal body scissor, she reverses on top of Ed trapping him in her 69 scissor!  This is where you can really see Pixie inflict some pain, as her tight legs and ass constrict around his neck and you can see the agony etched on Ed’s face.  After that, Ed is toast and Pixie really asserts her dominance.  Classic, head scissors, figure 4’s, both front and reverse facesitting, as well as more punishing reverse scissors and reverse figure 4’s are in store for him.  Lastly Pixie stands over her prey, flexing in a classic victory pose.   TRT 10 minutes, enjoy!


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