Taylor vs. Nick

Taylor vs. Nick


Duration: 73 minutes

Since we first presented clips of 20 year old fox Taylor in our members’ area, she has become one of the most requested women on UtopiaEntertainment.com. Introducing MW-73, Taylor vs. Nick the 13th in our ongoing series, “Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!” Taylor is blessed with incredible genetics and an intense competitive attitude, Sexy Taylor has been competing in “Tough Mudder” events for the last 3 years. Taylor is a natural beauty, really pretty and tough! And she always finishes what she starts. When we first met Taylor and explained that we like the women to use scissor holds in the matches, she interrupted and said “I know what you want!” Then Taylor told me the following story. When she was a young Tomboy in rural Ohio, a school boy used to call her “tree trunk” … a reference to her enormous muscular legs. One day he started teasing her, and several other boys joined in. She tried to walk away but the boy pushed her. At that point she threw him down and climbed on top of him. One of the nice things about having big powerful legs is big powerful hips too. He could not buck her off, but he was squirming so much that he twisted to his side. Taylor instinctively wrapped her meaty thighs around his waist. For a moment the pressure of her first body scissor paralyzed him, but then he became even more frantic. Swearing at her with abandon, he wriggled her legs up to his chest. Taylor thought he might actually get free, and she wanted to shut him up for good, so she threw one leg, then the other over his shoulders and trapped his head. At that moment she snapped her legs out and mashed the boys head til it practically disappeared in her thighs. At first the panic stricken youth thrashed wildly, but Taylor stayed with it. Within a minute he lay still, exhausted and defeated. Taylor hardly noticed and kept pressing her scissors. Some of the other boys begged her to release him, fearing she might have killed him. When she released her grip she stood over him. He was still breathing, but barely conscious. Taylor told him “if you ever say anything about my legs again, i’ll kill you!” Then she turned to the others and said “The same goes for the rest of you!” I couldn’t help thinking about her story as I filmed MW-73. Taylor throws Nick down and climbs on him immediately trapping him in a body scissors. She says she likes to attack the body first, because when she “takes her opponent’s wind, she takes his fight too.” Nick was still fighting back when Taylor turned her advantage into a paralyzing grapevine. Her thick hips and muscular tush give her incredible power and balance. Hip thrust after grueling hip thrust knock Nick’s breath from him as Taylor literally pins him to the mat. When she feels he has little left, it’s time for some head scissoring. She deftly moves up to Nick’s head and pulls him into a front scissor. Moving to her side she works Nick over with both figure 4 and straight leg scissors. She could have got up right then and Nick would have been done, but not Taylor! She’s gonna totally finish him! She pounces on him with a side scissor. Nick tries to get up, but Taylor stays with him and eventually flops him over to his side. When Taylor grabs his arm, she has Nick’s head facing one way and his body the other. Taylor tells him, “You’re so fucked!” Then she hits him with several figure 4’s and some throat scissors. Nick is forced to tap his submission or be decapitated by the young femme fatale. Taylor loves the combination holds because in her words, “it makes it near impossible to break free!” For round 2, Kip told Taylor to dial it up … That just cause she had softened him up in round 1, was no reason to not give it everything she had. So round 2 starts with an immediate headlock throw to Nick’s back, where sexy Taylor drops on him for an eye-popping reverse head scissor and figure 4. She releases him after a couple of minutes and moves behind him before he can get up. Then Taylor puts Nick through another dose of rib breaking body scissors. From there Taylor works a classic head scissors and figure 4 and a 3.5 minute reverse scissor and reverse figure 4. Nick taps his final submission pinned helplessly underneath her, and high up in the gorgeous young woman’s gargantuan thighs! In the end Taylor stands over Nick in a classic victory pose and exclaims, “I win … again!” We’re left to ponder how many boys have suffered humiliating submissions to this young powerhouse before? MW-73, Taylor vs. Nick is a smartphone and tablet friendly .mp4, 26.5 minutes in length, 1280 x 720 at 3500 kbps and 750mb. We recommend a high speed internet connection to download this fantastic production of sweet, deadly taylor! Check out Taylor’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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