My Legs Could Kill You! Part 4

My Legs Could Kill You! Part 4


In Part 4 of MW-51, My Legs Could Kill You! Jennifer Scarpetta completes her dominant destruction of Van and leaves no doubt who runs this household. It begins with a solid 2.5 minutes of the best reverse scissoring and reverse figure 4’s ever recorded. She has Van so high and tight in her glutes she tells him she could suffocate him!” He is begging her to let him go, but she won’t on this day. Because there is a reason for this scissor display that you will learn by watching. She drags him in a choke over by the couch and combines her choke with a body scissor that has him on the brink of going out. Then she tosses him on the couch with his head draped over the arm and applies another brutal reverse scissor and a standing scissor with some awesome flexing with a woman who is in contest shape! Did she kill him? Part 4 is 7 minutes in Length and just $7.95″

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