Simply Luscious – Part 2!

Simply Luscious – Part 2!


(7 Mins.)

Social media star and IFBB Pro, Rose is entertaining her boytoy Steve at her lake house in Texas. This is part 2 of a 3-part series specializing in muscle worship, foot worship, facesitting and scissors. Every curve is a muscle on sexy Rose, and she knows how to display it, and use it to her advantage. Slaveboy Steve worships the ground she walks on, and he’s been a very good boy lately, so Rose lets him caress her fantastic muscles and feet. In part 2 Rose takes Steve into her living room and sits him on the couch. There she starts to pose for him and she lets him massage her as she flexes her awesome biceps, huge thighs, diamond cut calves, and finally her beautiful feet. Steve is a foot slave for sure and kisses, caresses and sucks her toes and soles. Rose wears a skin-tight, see through, hot pink and black, polka dot leotard for him and she looks “Simply Luscious!” Enjoy!


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