Strong Thighs, Scrawny Neck!

Strong Thighs, Scrawny Neck!


Duration: 42 minutes

Figure competitor Alli, in contest condition, wrestles John in a classic battle of the sexes. John has cheated on Alli. He shows up in her bedroom to apologize with flowers, but it only enrages her more. Alli unleashes her perfectly honed, muscle packed body, on her unforgiven boyfriend. Wearing an ultra-brief pink thong bikini, she clamps her muscular legs around his head from every conceivable angle. Alli has one of the most perfect physiques ever to grace a wrestling video and her philosophy… if you got it flaunt it! Alli’s not just content to squeeze him senseless, her verbal assault demeans him as well. Alli loves to pulse her scissors hold. Her legs build in pressure and just when you think it’s over she gives you one more longer/stronger blood limiting blast. Alli loves to flex over her beaten foe, so she shows us her bis, tris, pecs and abs along the way. Produced in High-Definition, the DVD is a 32 minute, non-stop scissoring beat down! The 1280 x 720 download is a smartphone and tablet friendly .mp4 and is 860mb. We recommend a Hi-speed internet connection to download this awesome video! Also, check out Alli’s Utopia Star Profile!

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