Long, Strong, Devastating Legs!

Long, Strong, Devastating Legs!


Duration: 94 minutes

Blonde Beauty Amazon Nikki (Nikki J Now)is of the most requested women on UtopiaEntertainment.com. This is for good reason because, Amazon Nikki is gorgeous, an IFBB pro Physique champion, 6′ tall in her bare feet, has 14.5′ biceps, 25′ thighs and 16.5′ calves. In MW-94, Long, Strong, Devastating Legs, Derrick tells Nikki he wants ‘to take their relationship to the next level,’ Nikki senses the opportunity to suggest they wrestle. Derrick knows Nikki is strong and has awesome legs, but he likes to lift weights as too, and he doesn’t think Nikki can hurt him. He actually tells her ‘maybe I’ll go easy on you.’ Clueless Derrick has no idea what is in store for him and how expert a wrestler Nikki has become. Nikki loves to use the body scissors to soften up her prey and Derrick lets Nikki get her legs around his waist. This is a huge mistake as right from the start Nikki drives the air from his lungs with rib-bending pressure. What follows is Amazon Nikki using her massive, muscular pythons in a variety of bruising scissorholds and Derrick is never able to recover. She loves to flex over him in a show of blatant superiority and she occasionally looks directly into the camera to invite us along to view his suffering. Her standing scissors while flexing is fantastic! Amazon Nikki is an expert at sexy smack talk and she makes sure he understands the helplessness of his situation. All Derrick can really do is clutch frantically and the muscular thighs that imprison him. We think you’ll agree Amazon Nikki has Long, Strong, Devastating Legs! Enjoy!

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