Simply Luscious – Part 3!

Simply Luscious – Part 3!


(11 Mins.)

IFBB Pro, Rose is one of the most popular female bodybuilders on social media for good reason. She gets super lean and muscular in-season like in My Quads Will Wreck You, and Produced Under Stress, and huge and voluptuous as she is adding muscle in the off-season. In Simply Voluptuous, Part 3, Rose takes boytoy Steve into the bedroom so she can facesit, smother, and scissor the snot out of him. She sexily grinds his face with her ass and all he can do is moan and feel her incredible muscles. He gets super turned on under her gorgeous ass. Rose pulls Steve’s head deep within her massive thighs and starts a front scissor. She loves to go hard, pulling him deeper and deeper with each press. Her reverse scissor is amazing, smothering and crushing him at the same time. Do you feel sorry for him or envy him? Her ass cheeks engulf his face. But before she knocks him out, she puts her sexy fight right in his face where he can caress, kiss and worship them properly. Rose wears a skin-tight, see through, hot pink and black, polka dot leotard for him and she looks “Simply Luscious!”


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