Let’s Wrestle Love!

Let’s Wrestle Love!


(15.5 Mins.)

Super sexy Venezuelan babe Kickboxer returns to Utopia to star in UTCS-32, Let’s Wrestle Love! In her first video for Utopia, MW-80, Kickboxer Kicks Ass! gorgeous Kickboxer energetically scissored and generally manhandled Ed from start to finish. Let’s Wrestle Love serves as the prequel, where she first told Ed she wanted to do wrestling videos and gets him to be her opponent. Dressed in a black one-piece cutout monokini, she scissors, grapevines, and scissors some more, as she uses that built bod to totally overpower him. Kickboxer is a rare find, as this South American beauty combines, strength, skill and enthusiasm to totally out-wrestle Ed. This video features excellent camerawork and lighting, along with some nice closeups of the hottest woman in mixed wrestling, scissoring her man into oblivion! Enjoy!


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