Pornographer’s Beatdown!

Pornographer’s Beatdown!


Duration: 44 minutes

Every once in awhile things come together in a magical way that is truly remarkable. So it is with MW-44, Pornographer’s Beatdown! The lighting was great, the set was great, the camerawork and audio is great, even the victim did a great job, but the woman is AWESOME! Introducing beautiful newcomer Christina. Think Sandra Bullock with muscles. At 5’8′ and 155 well proportioned lbs., this blue-eyed beauty gives one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in 18 years of producing mixed wrestling. And I’m not just talking shit here! Check out the guide pics and videos and you tell me! Indeed I shot this DVD/Download on Friday night and here it is Wednesday! I’ve never turned around a video this fast, ever! …. Pornographer Dominick is casting a new porno. Christina shows up and Dominick tells her to blow him. Huge mistake! Christina energetically and systematically takes Dominick apart. What follows is an array of crushing holds applied by the woman her friends nicknamed ‘Quadzilla.’ She’s really angry with him and it shows. The verbal beatdown she unleashes is second only to the physical, as she is a leg/head/neck snapping machine. This is the new standard of excellence in mixed wrestling and quite possibly the video all others are judged by from this moment forward! The DVD is produced in High-Definition, with stereo sound and is 26 minutes long. The 1280 x 720 download is split into 2 parts so it will download smoothly…. 608 mb total.

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