Professor Scissors!

Professor Scissors!


Duration: 65 minutes

Sexy Megan Avalon comes to Utopia in phenomenal shape! She’s known as ‘Muscle Barbie’ for good reason. She’s tall, tan, buff, blonde, hot as f**k, and has amazing blue eyes! Kip immediately told Megan to get into her skimpiest outfit and shot her flexing and posing. The best 6 minutes of which is available in this download FOR FREE, and is also available separately in the Clips Store as UTP-4, Megan Avalon Posing In MW-65, Professor Scissors Megan is a College English Professor’s TA. Dominick receives a D on his most recent paper and he protests the D. When Megan refuses to change the grade, he threatens to expose her as a Stripper at the Kitty Kat Club! Megan invites Dominick to her place later to discuss the grade. When Dominick arrives, Megan is dressed in a super hot Naughty School Girl Bikini. But instead of getting his grade changed, Muscle Barbie scissors him semi-conscious. Let’s qualify this download. Megan is complete Scissoring Eye Candy! Possibly the hottest woman to ever wrap her legs around a mans head and squeeze. Her thighs are thick and she’s strong and skilled enough to keep him suffering. Head scissors, body scissors, chokes, throat scissor, reverse scissor and figure 4 are employed to convince Dominick he made a bad decision to threaten Megan. MW-65, Professor Scissors is 32 solid minutes with stereo sound. A smartphone and tablet friendly 850mb, 1280 x 720 high definition, .mp4. Enjoy!

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