My Legs Could Kill You! Part 2

My Legs Could Kill You! Part 2


In Part 2 of MW-51, My Legs Could Kill You! Jennifer Scarpetta has Van in her clutches for 6 minutes of sexy couch scissoring. She starts out with her infamous hangman scissor, which if you’ve ever been caught in one, completely cuts off the flow of blood to your head in minutes, if not seconds. She tells him she could hang him!” and she’s not lying. She maneuvers him to a sitting position on the floor and positions herself behind him for some great side scissoring and reverse figure 4’s. Still working from the couch she pulls him back in for a jaw crushing straight scissor and when she finally decides to flop over onto the floor she still has Van planted firmly between her ultra-muscular thighs. Jennifer completely dominates Van, shit talking to him the entire time, and there is no escape for him in sight. Part 2 is 7 minutes in Length and just $7.95″

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