Morgan’s Scissor Torture!

Morgan’s Scissor Torture!


Duration: 96 minutes

This video was shot on the same day as UTCS-34, Morgan Powerlifts Nick when Morgan showed up to Utopia at an astonishing 5’9+ and 195lbs., with gargantuan 26.5′ thighs! The formula for this video is simple since Morgan was still competing that weekend in Powerlifting. Have her get 2 different guys in some scissorholds. Challenge them to break free, and it they can’t, torture them until they beg to be released. Trouble is … Morgan is so devastatingly strong that her scissorhold is paralyzing. No way they could even hope to break her scissor grip. Let’s do the math shall we? 2 x 26.5′ = 53′ .. Their necks average 15.5′ and their waists 32′ .. That’s 53 inches of solid muscular legs engulfing their existence! We tried to tone down their screams, because we thought we were gonna get thrown out of the hotel, but they couldn’t. We thought Gary was gonna cry, and Morgan just laughed at his helplessness. Morgan is so incredibly strong she literally had their lives in between her enormous gams. She thinks she’s nice, and I guess if letting them live is being nice, then we have to agree! Check out MW-96, Morgan’s Scissor Torture today. If you want to see Morgan wrestle while in physique contest condition, check out MW-78, Morgan Rules! Enjoy!

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