Mixed Wrestling: The Way It Was Meant To Be!

Mixed Wrestling: The Way It Was Meant To Be!


Spectacular Hungarian wrestler, grappler, and judoka Sheena
visits Utopia and shows off her unbelievable skills. There’s something for every fighting taste in this one, scissors, pins, grappling, judo, HOM smothering and even some pro-style wrestling holds. Of note are a few awesome, full power, Knee Drops, Camel Clutch and Boston Crab! Sheena may look beautiful, but she is tough as nails, and has a thick muscular physique. In the beginning Lance tells her “she’s cute and all,” but she doesn’t stand a chance because he outweighs her by 80 pounds. Sheena tells him she’s going to tire him out and then turn her “techniques” loose and that’s exactly what she does. It’s not every day that you get to see a gorgeous woman such as Sheena literally muscle a strong dude like Lance around, and that’s exactly why we love this video so much. In UTCS-46, Mixed Wrestling: The Way It Was Meant To Be, Sheena captures Lance in so many holds, it’s hard to keep track. We counted at least 15 tap-outs, pins and other submissions … but you can tell us how many you count. Several times she smothers him with her hand over his mouth (HOM) or her body while ensnaring him in some other hold. Lance can hardly catch his breath as Sheena seems fresh as a daisy. Near the end when she has Lance totally spent, she puts the legs to him with a classic head scissor/HOM smother combination and then her infamous reverse scissorhold to completely polish him off. At the very end Sheena is of course standing over yet another victim flexing her awesome muscles! Her overall dominating performance is the reason we named this video … Mixed Wrestling: The Way It Was Meant To Be! Enjoy!

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