Lift, Carry, Scissor!

Lift, Carry, Scissor!


Warrior Amazone came to Utopia with a reputation for being an ultra-competitive, highly skilled grappler. Weighing in at 5’7″ and 150 lbs of solid muscle, her strength, combined with nearly unparalleled skill and competitive fire make her nearly impossible to defeat on the mat. Our blonde, German born beauty, defeated everyone we threw against her, man or woman and there are some excellent competitive clips coming out soon. That said, we wanted to show her off immediately in a few different ways that we knew fans of Utopia can truly appreciate. So Warrior Amazone suggested a lift, carry, scissor and she gets right down to business. This 10 minute clip is split right down the middle with 5 minutes of lifts and 5 minutes of neck crushing scissorholds. Included in the lifts portion is Warrior Amazone squatting and/or carrying Alex in Fireman’s Carry, draped across one shoulder, cradle, hoisted on top of blth shoulders, piggy back, and bear hug. Included in the scissoring is classic head scissors and figure 4, side scissors and 2 different reverse scissors and a reverse figure 4. Dressed in a sexy black and grey 2 piece bikini, please enjoy Warrior Amazone as you may never have seen her before in UTCS-58, Lift, Carry, Scissor! Enjoy!

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