My Legs Could Kill You! Part 3

My Legs Could Kill You! Part 3


In Part 3 of MW-51, My Legs Could Kill You! Jennifer Scarpetta continues the dismantling of her husband. She starts by crushing his guts with a rib bending body scissor. Van, weakened by the difficulty of breathing, is easy pickings as Jennifer maneuvers him into a front scissors that is by itself 5 minutes long. It includes almost every angle in which a front scissor can be applied. On top, from the side, straight legged, figure 4, in a word… awesome! She’s talking smack to him the whole time! When Jennifer scissors you, she’s not content to just choke you, she pulses it hard so you are continually brought to the brink of consciousness. Jennifer releases him puts him on his back and begins her reverse scissors and reverse figure 4, that lets Van know for sure, she could kill him! Part 3 is 7.5 minutes in Length and just $7.95

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