Lady Queen Scissors and Facesits Her Slave!

Lady Queen Scissors and Facesits Her Slave!


(10.5 Mins.)

Lady Queen is a beautiful, fit, and flexible Venezuelan woman currently living in Paris. She’s been a gym rat for many years and has taken to BJJ as her sport of choice.  A couple of years ago she began session wrestling and many much larger men are surprised that this stunning Latina beauty can kick their ass!  Rudy is Lady Queen’s little slave bitch for today and he was more than happy to volunteer to get his ass kicked so that we could present Lady Queen fans of Utopia!  This is not a semi-competitive wrestling session, rather as the title suggests, Lady Queen scissoring and smothering Rudy under her perfect Venezuelan ass and fantastic thighs!  You’ll watch as Lady Queen maneuvers Rudy into powerful front and reverse head scissors while pulsating her hips sexily to add pressure.  Then planting her shapely, muscular rear-end onto her slaveboy’s face to completely smother and humiliate him.  Please enjoy UTCS-252, Lady Queen Scissors & Facesits her Slave!  See the clip and get Lady Queen’s direct contact information.  10 minutes in length.


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