Kayley vs. Nick – Part 2

Kayley vs. Nick – Part 2


In Part 2 of MW-64, Kayley vs. Nick! athletic beauty Kayley continues her relentless assault on her opponent. The first 1.5 minutes Kayley traps Nick in a Jaw cracking throat scissor. The crushing power of her tremendous thighs literally has him gurgling. When she curls back her enormous 15″ calves into his throat he can barely breathe. Then she taps him out by maneuvering him onto his knees and applying a brutal standing side scissor. When they face off again Kayley quickly takes Nick down to the mat and straps on a wicked grapevine. This is one woman who’s shapely legs are as strong as they look. When she drives her hips in and clenches her thighs and glutes, pain is the result! But Kayley is just getting warmed up. She knows if she goes for Nick’s core, she’ll weaken him for the rest of the match. So she slides to her side and stretches out her legs in a classic body scissor. Working in and out she drives the air from Nick’s lungs. Then she has him ready for a rear naked choke. When she has him good and softened up, it’s time for a little Neck stretching, so Kayley twists Nick around for a front scissor. Kayley works him up and down pumping her hips and that’s where segment 2 ends… Nick in trouble, again! Part 2 of MW-64, Kayley vs. Nick is 7+ minutes and only $6.95. The full 32 minute feature is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Utopia Clips Store. Check out: Kayley’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!”

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