Kat’s Lush-ious Legs!

Kat’s Lush-ious Legs!


Duration: 106 minutes

Gorgeous feature dancer and acrobat Katarina Kat is chilling on the couch in her brand new one-piece body suit with drink in-hand when her husband comes home demanding dinner. Rather than complimenting her on how good she looks, he calls her an ‘f’ing lush!’ Katarina may not be an actual lush, but she does possess fantastic smooth, hard, tan and strong, luscious legs! Katarina was an acrobat and gymnast since she was a young girl, and possesses incredible flexibility and raw power! In MW-106, Kat’s Lush-ious Legs, Kat doesn’t appreciate her husband’s negative attitude, so she decides to turn her ‘lush-ious’ legs on his head, body and neck. Katarina is 5’9′ tall. When she tightens her scissorhold, her lean, muscular inner-thighs, immediately cut off the blood supply to his head. Swallowing becomes nearly impossible, and his ability to talk is severely impaired. Soon he is jello for every other scissor, chokehold and grapevine she can apply. Katarina knows the power her hardbody has and she enjoys making him suffer. At one point she is squeezing him so hard, he reveals he has a mistress. Katarina dials up the pressure at that point and threatens to end him many times. Near the finale, Kat pulls down the front of her leotard to reveal her luscious breasts. She allows him to take one final glimpse of them before she nearly knocks him out with a brutal front scissors. You’ll love watching sexy Katarina with her smooth, tan skin completely dominate her woeful husband. Enjoy!

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