I’ve Got You All Tied Up!

I’ve Got You All Tied Up!


Duration: 76 minutes

Beautiful bodybuilder Megan the star of MW-46, Megan vs. Dominick returns to Utopia and completely thrashes Kip. This video literally has it all, incredible wrestling action, fantastic grappling and paralyzing scissors! Kip was so embarrassed by the ass whipping Megan dishes out, that he has tried to bury this release. For those of you who have had the pleasure of watching Megan wrestle, you know she’s super hot, solid as a rock, strong as hell, and can wrestle, grapple and scissor as well as (or better) than any woman in mixed wrestling! For those of you who haven’t seen Megan before, please watch her free clips .. she’s outstanding!

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In MW-76, I’ve Got You All Tied Up Megan is being photographed by Kip when she tells him she tapped out this big dude in Jiu Jitsu class. Kip insinuates the dude must have been a wimp. Megan gets insulted and issues a challenge to Kip that she could tap him out in under 30 seconds! Kip is never one to back down from a challenge. He figures he’ll make short work of Megan and get back to the shoot. However Kip calls Megan a bitch as they get onto the mat and this just infuriates our buff, blonde, beauty. Now plssed off, she literally throws every submission and scissor hold she can think of at old Kip. Megan takes Kip down immediately and throws a guillotine on him. This just softens him up for the myriad of scissors, arm bars, rear naked chokes, and yet more scissors and locks that she tortures him with. And she doesn’t get just one hold on him. It’s hold ofter debilitating hold, completely, relentlessly putting Kip down and keeping him forcefully locked up. Her repertoire of holds and knowledge of grappling and fetish wrestling is astonishing! She literally twists Kip into a hundred different holds or more throughout the video. And I have to say, Kip did not just lay down for this woman. He fights back, but our stunning blonde heroine is just too fast, too strong, and too skilled.

Aside from the complete wrestling dismantling of Kip, he is subjected to one of the most non-stop verbal barrages we have ever witnessed. It’s amazing the smack-talk Megan can unleash, yet she backs up every word of it. At one point she has Kip’s legs grapevined, his arm twisted around his own neck choking him and his other arm pinned by her other hand and she tells him ‘I’ve Got You all Tied Up!’ … hence the title! Megan is a former exotic dancer, fitness competitor and has several pro and amateur MMA fights. Not only is she a tough competitor, but she loves to show off her amazing body in brief bikinis as she wrestles men into submission! We think this video is awesome, however the last 6 minutes of this video are legendary. Megan twists Kip into a front scissor, reverse scissor, throat scissor and a throat scissor 4 / wristlock combination that is so brutal, she reduced Kip to a gurgling, drooling bowl of jello. He was unable to offer any resistance at all. His neck bent awkwardly, she could have literally kllled him! We figure since we are approaching Utopia’s 25th anniversary, it’s time for this movie to be released!

MW-76, I’ve Got You All Tied Up is a smartphone and tablet friendly .mp4, 29 minutes in length, 1280 x 720 at 3500 kbps and 812mb. We recommend a high speed internet connection to download this incredible production of gorgeous Megan Enjoy!

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