Go to Sleep, My Darling!

Go to Sleep, My Darling!


(11.75 mins.)

In “UTCS-256 – Go to Sleep My Darling, Pamela Strong a beautiful, European, session wrestler, and her boyfriend Zac are vacationing and get into a fight in their airbnb. Pam complains that Zac is always too tired to be a man in the bedroom and Zac just wants to go to sleep. When Pam turns over she takes all the covers with her. Zac pulls them back to his side, and Pam retaliates. This turns into a full on wrestling match where Pam exerts her dominance. Pam uses excellent scissorholds and locks and soon she has bared her fantastic breasts and has the bed sheet wrapped around Zacs neck, as she tries to chokes him out and smother him. Next, spilling into the living area, Zac to possibly sleep in the big chair, but Pam follows him in and more scissoring punishment is inflicted on her poor man. Now on the floor, Pam has Zac trapped in a brutal figure 4. He begs his release by saying she can have the bed and he will go take a bath, so Pam lets him free. Zac climbs into the hot tub and Pam is right behind him. Pam is incredibly mean, humiliating and dominating Zac by scissoring and dunking him under water repeatedly. Finally Zac is completely spent and Pam stands over him in the tub in a double bicep victory pose. “Go to Sleep My Darling” is 11.75 minutes in length. ┬áSee the clip and get Pamela’s direct contact information. Enjoy!


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