Go Thru My Phone, You Die! Part 1

Go Thru My Phone, You Die! Part 1


Part 1 of You Go Through My Phone… You Die!” features lithe, sexy dancer Carmella. Carmella is a natural beauty (she needs little to no makeup) and has been a natural athlete her whole life. She grew up playing many sports track, volleyball, swimming and cheerleader to name a few, and excelled at them all. Carmella catches her jealous boyfriend John going through her phone, and before he can say “I give,” she jumps on him. Carmella’s dancer’s legs are long and incredibly strong. She knows how to leverage a scissor hold and she gives John every bit of power she has in each and every one of them. Head Scissors, Body scissors, chinlocks, upside down reverse head scissors and reverse figure 4’s as well as hip thrust grapevines and the dreaded hangman figure 4 (which Carmella has perfected) are part of the holds you will see in part 1. 6 Minutes in high definition, part 1 is only $5.95!”

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