Ginger Martin (The Hot Muscle Mom) vs. John Part 4

Ginger Martin (The Hot Muscle Mom) vs. John Part 4


In Part 4, of MW-48, Ginger Martin vs. John, Ginger gets a little more comfortable and the last 6.5 minutes features Ginger topless! Let’s just say her ample breasts match the rest of her eye popping physique really well! Ginger is a flexing machine throughout all 4 parts of this video and part 4 (in particular) features some nice topless flexing while engulfing John’s head into her perfectly shaped thighs. Standing scissors, side scissors and figure fours followed by an outstanding reverse scissors and reverse figure four seal John’s ultimate submission! At the end, get Ginger’s contact info for private wrestling, so you can experience this one-of-a-kind woman on your own.

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