Ginger Martin (The Hot Muscle Mom) vs. John Part 1

Ginger Martin (The Hot Muscle Mom) vs. John Part 1


The 5th movie in Utopia Entertainment’s competitive mixed wrestling series Holy Shit This Woman Can Really Wrestle!” features none other than Ginger Martin… nicknamed “The Hot Muscle Mom” for good reason. A) she’s incredibly hot, and B) she’s a Mom! Seriously, Ginger has a smoking physique, but it’s her “I’m gonna kick your ass” attitude that endeared her to Utopia. We challenged Ginger at the beginning of the match by telling her that John didn’t believe she could legitimately beat him. She took that to heart and unleashed a devastating beating to young John the likes of wish he had never encountered before. Ginger employs scissorholds from every angle including side scissors, standing scissors, reverse scissors reverse figure four, regular figure four and Ginger’s favorite… the hangman figure four! After Ginger gets the first submission, there is a superb 1.5 minute stretching and flexing segment where Ginger displays her awesome flexibility and stunning physique. “

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