Flexy, Sexy, Scissors!

Flexy, Sexy, Scissors!


Beautiful, inked-up feature dancer, and pornstar Jenievieve Hexxx is one of the most popular and flexible women we’ve ever shot. It’s easy to see why this curvy hardbody has 54 thousand Twitter followers. Years of yoga has enabled her to do amazing strength moves that many fitness women would be jealous of. Her inner thigh muscles are like rock and her balance is impeccable. She treats us to a fantastic display of her amazing strength and flexibility for the first 3 minutes of this clip … complete with splits from every angle, some back bends and a couple of astonishing straddle strength moves. She then invites Dante in between her legs for a taste of their awesome power. She raises her leg high, behind her head, and then slams it onto Dante’s neck, snapping his neck forward. This is just the beginning of her leggy torture, as for the next 19 minutes sexy Jenevieve scissors Dante’s face off! Jenevieve turns Dante’s head bright red and she just laughs at his helpless condition. As you would imagine from an expert yoga practitioner, technique is everything. Jenevieve snaps her legs out repeatedly and straightens her body at the same time, so she is essentially planking with every jolt. At one point Jenievieve does the splits right across his throat and grinds her pelvic bone right up under his chin. Then it’s her famous finishing move … the reverse head scissor, and reverse 4. There’s something about the shape of Jenevieve’s smooth, strong thighs, and perfect round ass that make this a challenge to survive from the start. Even though Dante loves to be scissored, he told us he was seeing stars and completely light-headed the entire time. Check out sexy Jenievieve Hexxx as she demonstrates her Flexy, Sexy, Scissors! You’ll understand (as we do) why Jenevieve has 54 thousand followers on Twitter. 23 minutes in full HD 1920 x 1080 for a special summer price of only $17.95. PLEASE NOTE: This clip is available here in the Clips Store as a standalone, or in the Utopia Members’ Area. Enjoy!

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