Complete Humiliation!

Complete Humiliation!


(12 Mins.)

Chris Goy is an elite IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilder from Spain now living in Florida.  Her massive biceps measured 15.5″, her awesome quads nearly 25″ and her muscular calves 15.”  It’s no wonder when Ed walked in the room and saw Chris flex, he looked at Kip and shook his head no! Indeed it took some convincing, but Ed got his neck in harms way and took another humiliating ass whipping “for the team!” Thank you Ed! Chris is not a competitive wrestler, even though she has a background in kickboxing, but she loves to dominate. She routinely wrestles men down in her sessions, and then mounts their faces, making them worship her magnificent muscles as she flexes over them! What a way to go!  We asked Chris if she would do some scissoring for us and she happily obliged. Poor Ed endured the longest scissoring that Chris had ever produced, as Kip focused his camera on that magnificent body, and her man-eating quads engulfing Ed’s squashed melon. Ed couldn’t break free from her grip if his life depended on it, and at the end she humiliates him with her cookie planted right on his trapped mug, as she flexes her satisfaction! Chris is tan, lushiously muscular and super sexy, dressed in a tiny purple g-string, flexing her huge biceps over and over as she pulverizes poor Ed.  Please enjoy UTCS-220, Complete Humiliation, and as a bonus, get her contact info at the end of the clip. Enjoy!


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