Christmas With Bianca!

Christmas With Bianca!


(16 Mins.)

Bianca Blance, is a genuine free spirit. Giving of her time to many friends and family, she has an energy and enthusiasm for life, exceeded only by her passion for exercise, yoga, nutrition, and combative sports. We learned recently of her love for Christmas, because for her, it epitomizes the spirit of giving, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So when Flavio says he doesn’t like Christmas and insults Bianca’s tree that she has worked 3 hours on, she decides to give him her best gift of all … a severe scissoring gift wrapped in a sexy red thong bikini and “naughty or nice” Santa hat. This is a snapping, chopping, slamming, scissors-fest, delivered by one of the hottest women in mixed wrestling today. Bianca shows up in amazing condition. It’s hard to fathom that this woman can be in any better shape than the last time we saw her, but it’s true. She has an iron core, and an iron will when it comes to the tenets of Christmas. Poor Flavio doesn’t know what hit him and told us this was the most severe scissoring he’s ever had in his career as a jobber.  I think he just converted, lol.  Holds of note include scissors from many angles including, head scissor, figure 4, standing scissor, front scissor, front figure 4, devastating throat scissor and throat scissor 4, several humbling reverse scissors and reverse figure 4’s, snapping, chopping and slamming, facesitting, flexibility, flexing, and victory pose. The preview clip can be found here.  Please enjoy, UTCS-198, Christmas With Bianca!  TRT 16, enjoy!


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