Cay Baby vs. Flavio!

Cay Baby vs. Flavio!


(10 Mins.)

<a href=” target=”_blank”>Cay Baby</a> is the 18-year-old daughter of famous IFBB pro bodybuilder and session wrestler<a href=” target=”_blank”>Tapered Physique</a>
“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” as they say and Cay Baby, even though she is not a bodybuilder, is fast, strong and skilled. Her energy and fun-loving spirit for the conquest is apparent as she takes on Flavio. Cay Baby’s scissors are no joke and she knows the quickest way to a submission is getting her “Thunderthighs” around Flavio’s head, and she’s very successful at doing just that and gaining several submissions from Flavio. ┬áPlease enjoy “UTCS-229, Cay Baby vs. Flavio! ┬áTRT is 10 minutes.


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