Call Me Master – Part 2

Call Me Master – Part 2


(11 Mins)

Part 2 of “Call Me Master” picks up where Part 1 leaves off, with pro powerlifter Morgan, letting Steve up to have a second chance. He thinks if they start “fair and square,” he might have a prayer. No dice! Morgan is so strong and dominant, and so practiced recently from her grappling class, she puts Steve down right away. Once on the ground she belittle’s him verbally, and humiliates him physically by placing him in a brutal side scissor, side figure 4 and throat scissor. She threatens to crack his jaw as she snaps her legs straight out and back to the figure 4. After 6+ minutes of this grueling torture she asks him if he’s done and he begrudgingly says “yes.” She replies “Great, I’ll just finish you then,” and she maneuvers him into a punishing, 3+ minute long, reverse scissor and reverse figure 4. Nobody has ever escaped from Morgan’s reverse headscissor and frankly we don’t even know how anyone survives. When she stands over her vanquished boyfriend in a classic victory pose, he’s so spent, he agrees to call her “Master” for 2 full months! ¬†Enjoy!


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