Call Me Master – Part 1

Call Me Master – Part 1


Pro powerlifter Morgan, returns home from grappling class feeling pretty good about herself. In class they were practicing scissorhold submissions and she tapped out everyone who got caught in between her massive 26″ gams. Her boyfriend knows she’s big and strong, but he is a disbeliever, thinking he could escape, her scissors “no problem.”  So they make a bet, if he wins, she buys dinner. If she wins, he has to call her “Master” for 3 days. Morgan places the first scissor on him and makes him scream in agony as she nearly squashes his head like a watermelon. She challenges him to break free and you can witness Steve’s genuine struggle. When he claws at her meaty underpinnings, you can see his handprints as he lets go in futility. Then she pushes him to the floor and mounts him with a grapevine, mashing him into the floor as she pins him and headlocks him too. He barely endures meany hip-thrusts designed to inflict as much pain as possible.  Then it’s her rib-bending body scissor. He can’t break free even when it’s legs alone, but when she secures him in a rear naked choke, it’s nearly lights out.  Laughing at his helplessness, Morgan makes him call her Master, and beg to be let free. Morgan is the queen of belittling men when caught in her grip and she taunts Steve throughout. Morgan can only be seen on Enjoy!

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