Bond, Jessika Bond!

Bond, Jessika Bond!


Duration: 88 minutes

Jessika Bond comes to Utopia for her first ever scissor video … MW-88, Bond, Jessika Bond! We couldn’t believe the thickly muscled physique before our eyes, so we measured Jessika’s massive biceps, thighs and calves. Then asked her if she would lift our victim Eli. She effortlessly hoists him and does 30 squats with 170 lb. Eli on her back. Then she leisurely walks around the room with him in a cradle carry. Then Jessika places Eli’s head between her thighs and scissors him for the next 16 minutes. Eli is no pussy and has been in several mixed wrestling videos, but he was unprepared for the bruising force of Jessika’s crushing scissorholds. She taps Eli out over 80 times in 16 minutes!!! Over and over again she presses his skull, and over and over again he taps and screams his desperate submission. At one point she tells him that each one of her thighs are as big as his head … and it’s true! Then she gets him in her favorite scissor, ‘The Jawcracker,’ which gets immediate taps with every jolt of power she forces on him. We could go on and on, but instead just watch the sample clip. This is a mere taste of the relentless scissoring and verbal onslaught young Jessika dishes out. MW-88, Bond, Jessika Bond! features excellent close-ups from some really interesting angles of a stunning female bodybuilder lifting and squeezing an over-matched male. Enjoy!

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