Appetite for Destruction!

Appetite for Destruction!


Sexy Irish squeezer Sara Lips visits Utopia and whips up on Eli in UTCS-29, Appetite for Destruction! Sara is on a diet to get down to contest weight that requires her to eat every 2 hours. She has a great idea to work up an appetite, by wrestling her boyfriend into submission! Sara, looking super hot in her skin tight thong leotard and thigh-high socks, gets her legs on Eli and doesn’t let go. When Princess Pain begins to scissor she is all business. You either tap your submission, or it’s lights out! Sara is a hip thrusting, leg snapping machine and every mind-numbing scissorhold is designed to test your threshold! If you’re a fan of long-prolonged scissorholds without break, then Sara is your girl. Her initial head scissor / figure 4 sequence is 4 minutes by itself. She transitions to a reverse scissor and a reverse four and this lasts for 3 minutes. Other holds in this video are grapevine, body scissors and a fantastic front scissor / figure four sequence, highlighted by Sara sitting on his throat and HOM smothering him until he struggles no more! Sara loves to flex her impressive biceps while squeezing and she does this throughout. In the end Sara places a foot on Eli’s face and strikes a few nice victory poses. Awesome lighting and camerawork highlight this video with many nice bone-crunching close-ups of beautiful Sara Lips out-wrestling Eli. Check out Utopia’s UTCS-29, Appetite for Destruction! Today! 13.5 minutes, in true HD 1920 x 1080. PLEASE NOTE: This clip is available here in the Clips Store as a standalone, or in the Utopia Members’ Area. Enjoy!!!

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